We have partnered with award winning cheese boutique La Fromagerie featuring 5 expertly selected cheeses to pair with the delicious Wine Hampers.


French Fizz Board

Chabichou, Chaource, Langres, Comte d’Estive, Fourme d’Ambert

Recommended with the Christmas Fizz Hamper.


British Board

Dorstone, Wigmore, Kirkhams Lancs, Gubbeen, Beauvale

Recommended with the Old vs. New World Hamper.


Woman in Cheese Board

Elrick Log, Tunworth, Hampshire, Applebys, Corra Linn, Cote Hill Blue 

Recommended with the For the Planet Hamper.


French Fancies Board

Bonde en Gatine, Camembert, Napoleon, Langres, Bleu de Causses

Recommended with the French Fancies Hamper.


Italian Cheese Board

Caprini Tartufo, Robiola Rochetta, Pec Ambrato, Taleggio,  Gorgonzola Naturale     

Recommended with the Indigenous Grapes Hamper.

Cheese Tasting Board

Cheese Platter Options
  • 5 Expertly Selected Cheeses 80-100g per cheese

    La Fromagerie Crackers and Orchard Chutney
    Ideal portions for 2 particpants to share

    Shelf Life 3-5 Days

    Transported with Ice Packs for freshness




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